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Customer service

UPDATE: I have received my tracking number from the company. Even though there had been nothing (I checked in my spam folder too) by email or FB messenger, this morning I had messages on both. The company provided screenshots of messages which do not match what I could see on my end but I am happy that they have responded and I can't wait to try out the product!

This review is for the lack of customer service. I placed an order on July 4th, they collected my money (I paid via PayPal and it cleared shortly after placing my order.) My friend ordered the next day and received a tracking number promptly. I have emailed them, called them and messaged them on Facebook (they read my message then blocked me.) No response to any of my messages and still no tracking number. They got my money, now I just want a tracking number so I don't have to file a claim against them.


  • JODI 

    Strange, witch mail have you used for communication ? I used [email protected] and get response within 20 minutes I think.

  • Julissa's shopper avatarLevel 1

    I used [email protected] I've emailed twice, left a phone message and tried contacting them on Facebook. They blocked me. They collected my money and now can't get any answers. Also, I have not been rude just asking them to please help me. Very disappointed.

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