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Frustrating Experience and Waste of Time

I have had an extremely frustrating experience with receiving (or rather, not receiving) a delivery from hipvan. I received a call from a customer services rep confirming if they could deliver on the morning of 03/05/17 and I asked for the absolute earliest time they could deliver, due to work commitments, and they said 930am. The day before the delivery I was told the delivery would be from 930-1230pm, I responded to say please deliver between 930am-10am the latest. After a now show by 1030am, I called customer services several times, to no avail most times. The two times I did get hold of them they said they would check with delivery man and get them to call me back to confirm the time of delivery. This of course did not happen. The delivery man eventually arrives at 1.30pm to find that the product had a defect so the product had to be re-ordered, which takes another 10-14 business days! I was infuriated for having wasted half a day waiting for a delivery man that was late and could not even deliver the product in the end. Calling customer services was also a complete waste of time. I expected Hipvan to be a professional company with professional service but I was proven so very wrong. I was told they would check on how they can compensate, but given how they've run the show so far, I would be very surprised if they actually did call back offering any form of compensation. Do not waste your time ordering online with Hipvan.


  • H

    Hi FAY_R, this is Danny writing from HipVan and I just want to apologise for the extremely frustrating experience you've had to endure. It would be great if I can get your order number so I can follow-up with you directly?

  • FAY_R 

    Appreciate that Danny, order #130485