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Think Twice, Thrice

To anyone considering to order something from HipVan, please do think twice, thrice and more. The service is absolutely absurd and I'm really questioning the internal communications within the team. I ordered a chair and received a confirmation email detailing that the estimated date of arrival will be on 3-4 days later. Positive and expecting it to arrive within that timeframe, I had taken time off work so I could personally tend to it when it arrives. After waiting through the weekend and checking my emails to no avail, I called the HipVan hotline to enquire about my purchase. First up, the staff handling the call asked whether I received an email to notify me about the delivery as it's supposed to be a protocol but no, I never did receive anything beyond the initial confirmation email. Frustrated as I've been waiting an entire week, I asked when exactly is my order arriving and was told that it will only arrive the next Wednesday. Next I asked whether it's possible to forward the delivery to an earlier day and was told that they could only do it a few days earlier. Following that I asked whether it's possible to deliver it within the morning as I can no longer afford to spend an entire day waiting for my shipment and of course, the answer was no if wanted an earlier delivery but yes if i stuck with the "original" shipping date. I surrendered and just duly waited for my shipment. Come arrival day, the shipment is here within the expected timeframe (oh yay finally) but hours later, another shipment arrives? I tried to contact someone from HipVan to address the confusion but of course, couldn't reach the hotline.


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    Hi Messiah, we're terribly sorry about this! We've tried getting in touch with you but you were unfortunately unavailable. As mentioned in my follow up email to you, we'd like to arrange for a fully assembled replacement chair to be delivered to you at your convenience, in order to make up for the frustration we've put you through. I know this will not fully compensate you for the disappointment and inconvenience, but we want you to know we sincerely hope to resolve this issue for you! Do let me know when is a good time for the delivery to take place. Once again, we'd like to offer our sincerest apology to this issue. We look forward to your email reply!