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Way overpriced for average quality clothing

Zara used to be good but not anymore. Quality slowly diminished because the need to pay for all their bloated sales staff members and also pay for all the retail locations they own. They are better off going all online and focusing on quality.


Suit did not fit but was able to return product.
Prive suits essentials s110 suit prive
$389 USD

I scoured the web reading all the reviews and many of the reviews were fantastic. So I decided to give PRIVE a try. Unfortunately, my experience with PRIVE was not so great.

Back in February I was asked by PRIVE to participate in a marketing survey they were conducting online - which I did and received a 60$ store credit for doing so. With all the great reviews, and the store credit I decided to give PRIVE a try. The measurement process was good, the stylist was really helpful and responsive so I had really high hopes for my suit.

Fast forward a few weeks and the suit arrived at my door step. I tried it on and the suit was not great - I couldn't really move in the suit. I spoke to my stylist and she requested to connect on Skype to see how the suit fit on me. She agreed the suit did not fit and asked if I would like to have it remade free of charge. She told me it would take another 4-6 weeks before I could see the final product because of the shipping back-and-forth. I decided to just return the product.

Luckily I didn't have to pay any shipping fees for the return and got the full value of my suit back. I will purchase a suit again in the future with the store credit I received, I just don't want the hassle right now. For now, I have to give PRIVE a 2-star for their good customer service and quick turn-around. But so far I haven't seen enough to give them a higher rating.