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I purchased a Coach bag for my wife for Christmas and I've never been more disappointed in an online purchase before than when I did so with Singsale. When the item finally arrived (took a really long time to reach us), my wife opened up the box feeling excited, I immediately noticed the dissatisfaction on her face. Right away, she noticed that the dust bag where the item was tucked in did not have the Coach logo in it. This made her really suspicious. She then takes the bag out and the Care Card wasn't even there. She looked further and found it lying inside the dust bag instead, which was really odd according to her as the card is usually found inside new branded bags. Moreover, the type of paper used for the Care Card is made up of low quality material. When she starts checking the actual bag, she found a loose thread hanging outside the base of the bag. She has purchased several branded bags in the past and she's never encountered a loose thread before. Not even once. I tried to reach out to Singsale online, but they have not responded for 3 days now. I then went ahead just a few minutes ago to go through the Request a Return option. I'm still hoping that someone would get back to us regarding this matter. If not, is there anywhere we can report the matter to? I mean, selling Counterfeit or Fraud Items should by all means be illegal in Singapore. The price I paid was for an original item, but they gave me a fraud one instead. This is very frustrating..