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Do NOT do business with this company or Rohit Dhindhwal aka tdhindhwal !!

First of all Rohit Dhindhwal owns or is affiliated with this company TreeAUS and he left his own review below which is obviously fake.

Google his name and it's right there on his LinkedIn profile that he works for the company which proves he is a liar and NOT to be trusted. He is a con artist.

I hired him for a job and he did an absolutely terrible job. The worst website I've ever had created. He didn't do anything that I asked and then lied, justified, made excuses, tried to blame me for his hideous work. It was ridiculous. His skills are below terrible. He was more concerned with putting links to all over my site and in the Wordpress theme as the author as if my site was a personal advertisement for his business.

I filed a dispute with the proof and facts that he didn't do what I'd asked while he continued to lie. The dispute was awarded in my favor and I changed all the passwords I gave him access to for my cpanel. In retaliation for disputing his awful work, he somehow created a username for himself or had a backup and proceeded to change the homepage with a white background and red letters that I'm a bogus person and a thief who steals work, when the truth is I deleted his atrocious work off my site and didn't want it. There was nothing of value to steal. He was so arrogant to think I should still pay him for his crappy job.

He also deleted the homepage of my main site causing further problems. Do NOT do business with this person. He is evil, spiteful, untalented, malicious, not to be trusted and a liar. You've been warned!!