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Castlery - avoid at all costs

I went to the new studio at Jit Poh on 25 June, was favourably impressed, and ordered a dining table and a dining bench. Bench was estimated to arrive 28 Sept to 5 Oct. Subsequently I also ordered 2 dining chairs. I received an email re the dining chairs, stating that they'd be 2 weeks later than promised. I needed them urgently, so I cancelled the order and bought replacements elsewhere.

Then, after a fruitless wait of MONTHS, just 10 days before the delivery window of the dining bench, Castlery again wrote to inform that the delivery would be pushed back by a month (?!) due to "unforeseen delays". Come on Castlery team, at least have the decency to provide the true reason rather than fall back on this stock excuse!

I was super irritated and cancelled my order. Castlery staff had the cheek to say they were kindly "waiving the restocking fee" in this instance. For crying out loud. Tactless, and completely ZERO service recovery.

So let's see...2 out of my 3 orders were mysteriously delayed due to "unforeseen delays", and the company enjoys the use of my full payments in the meantime. Looking at the other reviews, there are many Castlery customers who have encountered these "unforeseen delays" too. This seems to be their modus operandi.

After all this angst and hassle, I am still without a dining bench and will have to order from someone else. And play the waiting game all over again. Thanks so much Castlery, for wasting months of my time! You give local brands a bad name.



    Hey there,

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts on your experience with us, and we are sorry to find that it had not been the most ideal for you.

    We would like to take this opportunity to clarify that delays in shipment can be due to a variety of reasons (hiccups in production/transport etc.). Regardless, the necessary steps to address the issue will be taken, whether if it is a full refund for the cancellation of order, or an offer to change to a different item.

    That being said, we do apologise that the inconvenience the past delays have caused you.

    We seek your kind understanding on this matter.