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First time buying, possibly the last

Purchased a Cadencia TV console from Hipvan to be delivered on 26 June 2018. After waiting close to 2hrs on the day of delivery, we received a call saying the item will not be delivered.

Re-scheduled the delivery to 30 June, delivery arrived an hour past the allocated time range and item was delivered with defects. Up till now, no one from Hipvan followed up.


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    Hi @osh thank you for the phone call earlier on. As spoken, we have followed up with an email with you regarding the defect of the tv console and our customer service team will further assist you from there on. Once again, really sorry for the late follow up and we will also review our Delivery internal and external process to avoid such cases to happen again in future. Do let us know if there is anything else that we can help you with here and we'll get in contact with you again straight away.