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Disappointed isn't the word I am furious! Despite all the crappy and horrible things I've heard about this company I gave it a try because in my eyes the website seemed legit and the clothes are super cute. So I purchased a dress that I really liked but as I put my card numbers in there seemed to be an error in which my payment "could not be processed." I didn't think much of it so I just simply re-entered my numbers and made sure there weren't any errors and my payment goes through this time. However... I noticed I had been charged twice! I instant messaged and emailed them
immediately in hopes that they could cancel the second transaction asap and to even confirm that the transaction wasn't just a pending charge on my account I called my bank. They confirmed with me that they indeed did charge me twice but couldn't do much about it until I came into contact with the company and see what they could do for me. I have literally emailed so many times but no one will budge. I really just need my money back this is ridiculous. I work retail and this is an insult to customer service. If I do not receive what I am owed I will be taking higher action. Please do not waste your time with these fradulent instagram scams!


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    Hi There, can you please send through an email to [email protected] with your order number.

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