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Don't order from Cartots
Car tots porsche 918
Porsche 918
$279 USD

So, I ordered the Porsche from Cartots. Shipping was fast. I commend them on that. I proceeded to open up the car and put it together. Immediately I realized that the quality of the car is not so great. Yes, everything was in tact but I was disappointed about that. So I called customer service after reading the return policy which states that the charged a restocking fee for returns which was fine. They told me that they don't take returns. Even though the policy says otherwise. I even offered to pay for my own shipping. The csr told me they don't accept returns. So I proceeded to charge the car and let my son ride and I noticed that in the car he came keep up with my walking speed even in 3rd gear. The car speaker is crappy and I definitely feel cheated. I previously bought a car from Moderano Kids and absolutely loved everything about it. The quality is amazing and I feel I'm getting my money's worth. The audio speaker is crystal clear. The Mercedes can keep up with my walking speed and or faster. Leather seats. Softer seatbelt and it is mor easier for my child to turn on his own. I strongly recommend Moderano Kids over car tots! Car tots is definitely not worth it.