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Worse purchase ever
Castlery dining table
Dining Table
$1,000 SGD

I was very disappointed with the service due to the following

1. It took the customer service the whole day to check with the logistics department for me. The customer service personel told me she will get the logistics guys to call me but had I to call back eventually at 530pm to confirm because no one responded.

2. The delivery guy should not have promised if he is not able to make it and I will not have signed the delivery form on that day. Its unethical to promise something which u are not able to do so just to brush me off.

3. How can there be no quality check before sending the items out? I am not able to use my table due to this missing leg cap. It is as good as not having a table.



    Hi Ronson,

    Thank you for sharing with us your post-sales experience, and we are sorry to find that it had not been too pleasant for you. Please allow us to address your various concerns below:

    1. We seek your understanding that the colleague attending to you had explained that we had to verify the availability of the spare parts, as well as the availability of the support team, before arrangements for rectification can be properly made. With that said, we apologise if you find any lapses in our response.
    2. We would like to clarify that the delivery team does not work beyond 8pm, and with further clarifications with the team it is noted that they have not made any promises to the alleged timing of 9-10pm on the next working day to resolve the issue. While you may have indicated on the signed delivery copy of such timing, we are afraid such timing is not one that the team will be able to commit to.
    3. As explained, it may be possible that the stopper may have fell off during transit, but the missing stopper does not compromise the safe use of the table till the replacement is done.

    Nonetheless, we believe the support team had successfully completed the setup of the table yesterday evening, and that a colleague is also following up on this issue in the email thread.

    We greatly appreciate your candid feedback, and we do regret if you find any aspect of our follow-up action to be lacking. Once again, our sincere apologies for the inconvenience that you have encountered, and we hope this incident does not mar your impression of Castlery.

    Best Regards,
    Customer Service Team