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So disappointed!
Like a glove like a glove
Like A Glove
$79.99 USD

I had such high hopes for these leggings. I have a small waist, flatter butt, and thick thighs. Finding jeans that fit has always been a nightmare! Unfortunately, these leggings only have sensors in the waist and upper to mid butt area. There's no measuring the lower cheek or thigh size, and no length measurement. They show me as being two sizes smaller than will actually fit me because there's no measuring where I actually have fit problems. Their jeans selection is also very limited, they only have information on 20 different brands, all high end, and none of them show anything more than 3 stars for me, the perfect fit is 5 stars. I'm very disappointed :(



    Dear Serena,

    Based on your review, it looks like you did not set the preferences in the app correctly, therefore the 3 stars.
    Here is how you set it, hopefully, it'll help you get it right and enjoy this awesome product.
    1. Measurement Sensors. Your body is measured in 4 places: high waist, low waist, and high hip, low hip. These numbers are exactly what one would need when shopping for jeans. When measuring yourself, please make sure to wear the shorts as you would a pair of mid-rise jeans - about 2 inches below your waist.
    2. Catalog Selection. Our catalog contains a wide variety of brands that would fit every budget. From high-end Hudson jeans to budget-friendly Old Navy, everyone can find a pair of jeans they love in our recommendations.
    3. All The Recommendations Are 3 Stars. The only way this would happen is if your height, your preferred jeans length, your preferred brands were not set. If you fill out your preferences, you will get those 5-star recommendations right away (although we suggest re-measuring yourself as well). App takes all this data into account before making a 5 star recommendation, so without it you always get 3 max.

    We're here to help you in any way we can: please contact our support if you have any more questions.