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Sending defects to customer.
Hipvan camila bar chair
Camila Bar Chair
$200 SGD

Very disappointed with Hipvan quality.

First time customer and ordered 2 Camila Bar chair. The first time delivery, one has defect while the other is perfect. Ask for replacement for the 2nd chair.

One week later, they delivered the replacement and this time round, another defect found on the chair. Ask for 2nd replacement.Was getting very annoyed with it. Sent an email to Hipvan and requested them to check the item first before delivering. Else it will be a waste of time.

Another week passed, Hipvan delivered the 2nd replacement. And still defects can be found on the chair! Obviously they didn't bothered to check the item before delivery or the whole shipment has issues and yet still selling the defect product to the customers.

And now i'm requesting for the 3rd replacement. If 3rd replacement still have defects, i'm asking for full refund. Else will seek advice from CASE.

As an online retailer, the process of returning defect should not exceed more than twice.
That shows the kind of Quality Assurance check is not in placed in the process.

The management should review their defect furnitures and replacement policy.

A great marketing website but with disappointing product quality.
Will think twice again to purchase the furnitures.


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    @dope We really appreciate your taking time to flag this incident out to us. Firstly I'm so sorry for the bad experience you had and this clearly falls way short of the expectations we set for ourselves. You are absolutely right that these operational issues must be our priority and affects the trust that customers have in us. I can assure you that this is our number one focus right now and beyond just incremental improvements, we are determined to make our after purchase experience one of the best in the world so that instead of turning great customers like yourself away, it becomes the reason why you would want to keep shopping with us. In case you're still experiencing issue with your order, please feel free to let us have your order number and I'll definitely be able to take care of it for you. Once again our sincerest apology for the inconvenience and disappointment caused! We'll make sure your next experience with us will definitely be a positive one :)

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