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They deliver!

Sky Seller is 100% legit. And no, I wasn't paid to write this. In fact, I paid them.
The product came exactly on time and the quality was as promised. I am very, very pleased indeed and that's why I am writing this review.
I should add that it helps if you know exactly what you want. I was also lucky that it fitted perfectly.
When I missed the first delivery, they extra notified me about it via email. That told me that they care about their customers. If you're on the fence, I say give it a go!



    And I'd like to emphasize that I gave them a max rating for a reason. The quality was awesome. The shipping was on time. The service was friendly and caring (as stated in the preview above) and the price ... the PRICE ... I used a voucher and got a nice discount. I paid zero shipping fee and yet got it after only two weeks. That was fine by me, and I would've gotten it earlier if I hadn't missed DHL the first time.