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OOS, not ordering again to avoid disappointment

Ordered twice from honestbee, I like that the items can arrive the same day as the order, but upon arrival both times, some items are OOS. I don't have this issue with redmart, if OOS, it will be stated on the product listing.

1st time, toilet roll missing. 2nd time, green chilli, milk, prawns, and harpic toilet cleaner (1 of 2 missing). The delivery man said will check on the milk in his van, and will come back and tell me if it's there. If it's not, he won't come back. He drove off which is fine, but honestbee billed me wrongly for the milk. The concierge worked out the billing but I won't want to order again if things are OOS and they can't simply list it on the website. They really need to buck up.