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Dangerously bad
White fox boutique hasn t arrived yet so don t know
Hasn't arrived yet so don't know
£100 GBP

I think this company might be operating a scam. Either that or it is the worst customer service I have ever received. Save yourself a lot of pain and avoid avoid avoid.


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    White Fox Boutique 

    Hi Amy, I can see that your order was pushed into Suspected Fraud due to your card issuing country not matching your Geo location.
    We understand you have placed this order however it has been flagged by our gateway, we have high security on our website to prevent internet fraud.
    The transaction has been approved by our gateway however it has been flagged and we needed to confirm the details with you before we ship the goods. By confirming these details with you we can make sure you are in fact the cardholder making this purchase and ( We must protect ourselves and the cardholder.... yourself from fraudulent activity)

    This is a common practice in our industry due to the amount of internet fraud which happens. There is nothing fraudulent happening on our end, In fact we are protecting yourself and your bank from possible fraud.