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Wonderful product, great company!
Pillobebe play mat extra pad add on only
Play Mat Extra Pad Add-on Only
$49.99 USD

Pillobebe organic cotton play mat safari dream
Organic Cotton Play Mat - Safari Dream
$249 USD

I have been looking for a safe, non-toxic mat for my 6 month old to practice rolling and crawling on for our living room floor. We have an area with hardwood and an area with a rug. This organic cotton playmat is perfect for both!! We have a golden retriever who likes to walk on mats too, so we can easiily lay it down when it's time for the baby to play and fold it up when we're done. We ordered the extra padding to be safe and both pads/inserts fit in the cover well and the extra pad doesn't make it too heavy to maneuver. Our house is fairly small so it's nice to have a mat we can stow away when not in use. The cover is also very easy to wash! We just hung it up on a drying rack to dry since instructions say not to dry in dryer (anti-slide silicone beads on bottom of may probably don't last long in the dryer). No funky smells off-gassing from the mat and it's fun for the whole family! Highly recommend this product.


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