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Torrid's collection of trendy plus size clothing - including the latest apparel, lingerie, swimwear and accessories - is inspired by and designed to fit young, stylish women who wear sizes 12 to 28. From party-ready cocktail dresses to shirts-and-jeans outfits, our stores and online shop are the best place to find a large selection of hot, hip fashion styles. Shop our website for plus size dresses, work-ready jackets and pants, cool tops and shorts, and cute shoes and boots. Our plus size clothes stimulate self-confidence and encourage a woman to feel sultry and downright irresistible.

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Fashionable, fun clothes

Torrid is a plus size clothing retailer focused on young consumers, and the products that they put out are in line with some of the things you might be seeing at a straight size women's retailer.

Like many others in this niche, they devalue their products and imply a huge markup with their constant sales. High percents off, buy one get one free, and $25 off ever $50 spent are promotions that make me feel like spending full price is a waste.

The quality of their clothing is inconsistent; some garments are of great quality, and others fall apart. Some of the materials that they use--lace for example--fall apart in the washer as if they were not meant to be worn more than once. I've returned garments for this reason. Some of their clothes are clearly sourced from factories that mass produce clothing with little regard to quality.

I continue shopping at Torrid due to their fair prices and stylish clothing.


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