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Buy from Tomtop = Your Money is Lost

I bought a Drone with Tomtop for 191 €.
This was delivered on time and looked new. But there were already batteries in the remote control. (Retoure?)
When I tested the Drone on the first day, several functions have not worked: The follow me, return to home and the failsafe mode.
The next day I wanted to test the drone again and then write Tomtop because of a change. But there the drone has flown away by itself. She no longer responded to the control, got up and flew away.
After my first mail to Tomtop I received as an answer: "I do not think it is smart for you to write to us."
I asked Tomtop for a new Drone without accessories and cardboard. But they called me stupid and said I lost the drone because of improper use. If I give them more money, they could send me a new one.
After long discusion, I would get a new one for $90. I have agreed and paid for it. Then I got the message from Tomtop again 60€ to pay. That was not agreed and I declined.
To date, I have received no replacement or refund. Only shameful reply to my questions. I will give up the total of 250€ for the drone with equipment. Because Tomtop makes me with his support only angry and disappointed. I am now waiting 18 days, have written over 15 emails and spoke with at least 3 people just at Tomtom but I was not helped. I will never order again with Tomtop and will also advise any of it.
I learned: Order from Tomtop = Your money is lost
Order No.AN17H18W1006-R42ZXE


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