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If you’re like us, you’ve been frustrated by the awkward process of getting a bra fitted. Women just haven’t been given a good way to determine fit themselves. Not only that, we’re choosing from bras that aren’t designed for the diversity of real women’s bodies. When it comes down to it, that means 80% of us have been walking around in a bra that doesn’t fit. Our team in San Francisco is committed to changing all that. Every bra we make is designed with you in mind. We hope you’ll love the style, love the feel, and most importantly — love the fit.

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Bra Issues Not Solved
Third love classic push up bra
Classic Push-Up Bra
$68 USD

I found these guys off of a well thought out facebook ad targeting daily bra issues. I only have a handful of bras so I was looking for a new one that had the quality to last me awhile. I filled out their survey on which bra is best suited for you (gaping cups and slipping straps are my main issues) and then the "Classic Push-Up Bra" was the winner. I was a bit confused because I didn't say I wanted a push-up bra, just a bra to fit my petite frame since every bra seems too large. But it looked nice and you could just try it and send it back. The Shipping was SUPER fast, I got it within days. But when I tried on the bra to my 32A frame it was too big looking compared to my other bras. Too much cloth covering my whole breast basically and still slight gaping cup issues. As much as it was a nice bra, I think this store is best targeted for larger boob sizes. Now that I think of it, if this was the magical bra I was expecting $68 might be worth it because I have had my bras for possibly over a decade but this bra was not worth $68 not even half. Sorry guys!

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