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The Gear You Need-Up to 70% Off Retail! Top quality outdoor gear for men and women, at a significant discount. Also includes adventure travel! Multiple categories, broken down into existing inventory for footwear, mens apparel, womens apparel, gear, camp, cycle, run, snow, surf, yoga, and travel gear

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Best for quality outdoor gear at discount prices.

I love The Clymb. It is a favorite in the "Things White People Like" vein- ie, I like to look like I could go camping at any second (North Face gear, SUV with a bike rack, hiking boots) but my real life dictates picking up kids who rode their bikes to a friends house, but now it is raining so they need themselves and their bike picked up NOW! I have purchased skateboards, running shoes (mens and womens), hiking boots (mens), hammocks, and lots and lots of rock climbing gear (slack lines, carabiners, harnesses, shoes, etc.) and for the last two years my entire Christmas lists for my two kids (19, 16). While this kind of loyalty may seem trite, I have had nothing but excellent customer service, and packages come on time and as advertised, I would one day like to try their Adventure Travel offerings, but haven't mustered the courage to say, "Merry Christmas! We're going to Africa!" just yet.
Warning- This site can become addicting with the added 'On Sale Now' feature, where they offer certain brands for a few days only (current offerings are from TYR, Canari, Addidas, Orca, Suunto, Nike...or can be in categories like 'Down By the River', 'Headlamps', 'Summer Necessities', and 'Travel Essentials'. All quality gear at a HUGE discount...if you can't find ANYTHING here that you don't want/need/covet, then I'm not going to be having a beer with you anytime soon.


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