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Founded in 2010, Peeka is an online shopping platform that purchase goods from Taobao (China's largest Internet retailing platform) on your behalf and ships to anywhere in Singapore.

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Sells shipping insurance but do not honour claims...

I used their platform twice to purchase items from Taobao and the latest experience is really bad.

As part of their purchase-on-behalf and courier service, they also offer a full shipping insurance to cover your purchases from Taobao. The problem is this shipping insurance is self-administered by them and not by a 3rd party insurer. Therefore, they are the ones who will pocket the full revenue from the insurance and have full discretion on determining the validity of any claims.

I purchased the full shipping insurance during my latest experience with them. When the goods arrived, I realised that there are some very visible damages to the goods and it would not be possible to ascertain if these are product quality issues or damages due to goods in transit. I made a claim on the insurance but was flatly rejected by the company without any valid reasons. They claimed that the damages are product quality issues based on their own experiences!!!

65daigou has better customer service!


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