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Parekh Bubee is a family owned and managed small factory in Maharashtra, India. We believe in making the finest collections sustainable and ethically made artisanal clothing, women’s scarves, stoles, and shawls. Traditionally screen printed silks, wool, cottons and pure blends. Our business has thrived for three generations, and we’re deeply committed to the individuals who work in our factory, their families, and our communities. Most clothes today are made digitally by machines to create the most product for the least amount of money—a system that’s ultimately detrimental to workers’ lives. At Parekh Bugbee, we do things differently. Our mission is to keep the beautiful culture of silkscreen printing alive for the future, with a strong belief in the connection between maker and buyer. We also believe in the process of slow and deliberate handmade clothing and the true skill and craftsmanship that underlies this genre of wearable art.

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