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The idea of Paranoia started with simply dozing off and looking down at my shirt during work. It was then, I realized the sweatshirt I had been wearing was nothing more than a cotton sweatshirt with a simple screen print logo on it. I thought about the price I paid for it and felt totally ripped off. I fell in the same illusion as most of us unfortunately do. We see famous people endorsing the product and believe it's worth overpaying to fit in and be "cool" like them. In fact that is the furthest thing from the truth. The truth is, these billion dollar companies are selling you short and laughing the whole way to the bank. Meanwhile, you're the one with a negative bank account. The products are made for pennies and sold to you for big dollars. Don't believe the hype, celebrities are paid to wear brands and the shelve space in stores are bought not earned.

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