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Live with purpose. Dress with ease. Take the work out of dressing for work—order a Bento™ Box today.

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Big love for the Bento Box

I ordered by personalized Bento Box and am patiently awaiting its arrival! I wanted to start my review as I was extremely impressed with the MM.LaFleur service. The questionnaire was very easy (and actually fun...who doesn't want to choose between Beyonce and Tina Fey for their inspirations?!).

Second Installment:

My box arrived within the designated time! The packing was on point. However, after I opened the accessories bag and clothing bag both broke, and the tape that was meant to be included to help package the box to send back was not included.

However, the items sent were very high quality! A bit out of my price range, and not really my style, so I didn't end up purchasing but I would highly recommend for corporate women out there! The selection would be perfect for any professional, corporation environment!


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