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MLB is a leading online store catering to ladies that has been around for almost a decade. The team behind MLB is led by a proud mother of a pair of boy-girl fraternal twins and she would like to empower women who are mothers, especially stay at home mums (SAHMs) looking after their precious angels, reorganising their own priorities. After being a mom, she understands how tough it is, to be under the scrutiny of almost everyone she meets. She urges mothers to take a break and be firm of their choices. She is thus starting a movement for SAHMs to be proud of their decisions because this is the best gift a mother can provide for her children, being there at every step. MLB is reaching to you on a more personal, emotional level. Dressing you up with quality minimalist pieces while touching your loving hearts. We do not chase fashion, we chase a strengthening bond. Follow the growing journey of the twins @gareth.lauren

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