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Mirraw is a marketplace where social media aware fashion designers set up boutiques and showcase their fresh new designs to a wide audience on the web. Consumers get easy reach to designer jewellery, bags and sarees, which is the current line of products, expansion to men’s apparel and other categories for women being worked upon. Consumers can browse through designs, mark the ones they like as their favorites, and ‘follow’ their favourite designs. These activities from all users basically curates the most popular designs. You can of course, buy any products that you like.

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Quality products at best price and provide fast, efficient service with prompt delivery.

I am truly amazed by the wonderful service Mirraw has to offer. I ordered my items on June 25th, and they arrived today July 8th. I am astounded by the fast shipping to Canada! all of the items were thoroughly and safely packed and looked exactly like they were shown in the photos! I will definitely be ordering again! Thank you so much!


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