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Father Rabbit doesn’t subscribe to some deeply intellectual philosophy, just an appreciation of simplicity. That things should be done right, or not at all. Books in line, cans facing out, drawers tidy, garden weeded, tools away. Ticking each job off. Finishing one, before starting the next. Those simple little things – individually they aren’t life changing, but the culmination of them together make your home at once a well presented, thoughtfully considered and pleasing place to be. Father Rabbits General Store presents his carefully curated picks of products that are at once practical and pleasing in both form and function. There’s an underlying sense of quality and timelessness, they’re tried and true. Orders do NOT leave the general store until Father Rabbit has approved the Standard Of Wrapping. These parcels give us a telling glimpse into the psyche of our rabbit - they’re all lovingly wrapped… but to very strict standards. He’s tough, but with good intentions.

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