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This website is a sham. Re-selling asian wholesale clothing.

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Briana G. - Does not even deserve one star
Wed 2015-12-02 3:32 PM
I wanted to bring up some major issues I have with my order and see if I can be fully refunded, I have contacted the seller with no reply so far. I am not happy with my order whatsoever.

A while ago, I purchased a shirt with the same image they use for advertising their "Queen of Spades Crewneck" on, it was 4$, I received it, and as you can imagine, the quality was very poor. I gave that shirt to my sister who is an XS ladies size, and it fit her perfectly, no big loss.
My Order: #1030
So I tracked down other makers of this piece of clothing, or something similar. I stumbled onto this website, and purchased their "Queen of Spades Crewneck", which was much more expensive. $29.99 which came to be $41.03 CAD. Today, I received my order, tore open the package, and to my surprise, It was the EXACT SAME CREWNECK. Exact same flimsy quality, exact same tags with Chinese characters and same size, and exact same terrible print quality on the front. The only difference? They are selling thiers for far more expensive, and deceiving any buyers! This is the exact same shirt that was shipped to me from china! I was expecting better quality!

On their website they state, "Our full-print sweatshirts are uniquely crafted using a special sublimation technique to transfer our full-print designs-"
Your full-print designs? No. You bought this crewneck from a Chinese wholesale company and are trying to turn a profit through re-sale.
This website is a sham and I want my money back now!


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