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Well, it's pretty much just "YouTube for Children's eBooks." What was your inspiration? On March 9th, 2010, our beautiful baby boy Wren was born. 12 hours later, he stopped breathing and could not be resuscitated. Afterwards, we thought maybe it would be nice to make a children's book about his life, and the events afterwards as we, our family, and friends, dealt with the tragedy. We realized, it might be nice to make it a free eBook, and hey, why not an eBook that works on that new-fangled "iPad" device (which would really be the first decent ebook reader for picture books) Apple was coming out with at the end of the month? And then we realized, maybe even better than just making a SINGLE children's ebook for the iPad, what if we made a site just like YouTube where anybody could create and share their own children's ebooks.

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the best ebook site i came across!!

Is a non-profit organisation site. I came across this site when I was searching for ebook. novel that i can download as ebook and read it on the go. Best is that i can download and open it in my ipad using ibooks and read it. Go and try this site to look for the novel you want to read but maybe cant borrow from the library due to popularity. :D happy reads! best part is it is free!


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