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"Dubu' means tofu, and as we all know tofu is something really soft, delicate and needs exceptional care, just like our children! Dubu Baby emphasises ZERO toxins and continues that mantra throughout all the products which they stock at this online store. Dubu Baby's first range of products hail from Canada. Belly Buttons and Babies is an award-winning brand which has a huge following of parents who swear by its effectiveness for sensitive skin moms and babies.

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Organic skincare of babies and mama's

I was recommended to try a popular brand from Canada, Belly Buttons & Babies, which just began selling in Singapore on Having read all the good reviews about it from users in Canada and elsewhere, I decided to try it.

With my son's hypersensitive skin (he is prone to eczema), there are very few products that I use on his skin as several products cause him to flare up. However, when I tried the body wash, shampoo, and body lotion range from Belly Buttons & Babies over three days, it seemed to agree with him and kept his skin well-moisturized.

In my opinion, the products are similar to Aveeno Baby's range however they feel lighter (less greasy) which are more suitable to Singapore's humid environment. I would recommend it for babies and mother's with sensitive skin, for sure, and I would love to hear how other's feel about the Belly Buttons & Babies range too!


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