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A lot of people want to know how Black Milk came to be. Well, it's a long story, full of twists and turns, action and adventures. There are even a few scary bits. But seeing as you asked... why don't you pull up a metaphoric chair around my metaphoric fire and I'll tell you the story of Black Milk... Several years ago I was broke, bored and rather cold. At that point most people would have got a job and a beanie, but not I. For some reason I decided to buy a sewing machine and make myself a shirt. I still have no idea why. So I went into a big fabric shop and looked at all the different fabrics they had - but after buying a second hand sewing machine, I only had six bucks in my pocket, which meant I had to get the cheapest fabric they had - nylon lining. It was these fateful decisions that lead me down the path to Black Milk. Because nylon lining doesn't look particularly attractive, it meant I had to make it fitted.

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