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Hey, guess what, you’re awesome. You’re a little weird and “out there”, amiright? Maybe you’re the “quiet”, “artsy one”. Maybe your taste in music and movies spans ultra cheesy to "dark, man". Or maaaaybe your convos with friends sometimes involve aliens or wizards. MAYBE, sometimes, you just want to frickin’ stay in with the dogs and a lil’ Beyonce. Hey! It’s all okay. You might not always feel understood, but we get you. I’m here to ask you to fly your weirdo flag high. Love what makes you the odd man out. Guess who else was a weirdo? Einstein, my friend! I feel pretty passionately that embracing our weirdness is the key to finding our footing in the world. Band of Weirdos is inspired by our shared nerdy loves and is a reminder that you are most definitely not alone. -Jacie

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