ShopVenture Blog - The Power of the Wish List

The Power of the Wish List

28 Sep 2017

In the days of old, one would tear out magazine clippings of lust-worthy items from Vogue. These days, Pinterest and Instagram’s ability to ‘save’ visuals is the modern-day equivalent. This pinning model, when paired with e-commerce, is a powerful tool to get your customers to follow-through on their purchase. Enter: The Wish List.

Make Follow-through Easier


As a consumer, it’s helpful to have a built-in Wish List feature to save the dresses you’ve spent all afternoon searching through without having to keep a million tabs open or bookmark every page. Ensuring that potential customers can come back to the lust-list they’ve created is a key follow-through tool.


One of the main reasons consumers love online shopping is that you can do it anytime and anywhere, which means that you might save a product to your Wish List quickly on your lunch break, and go back to buy it on your laptop when you have more time after work. Imagine how frustrating it would be if you found the perfect item and then had to search to find it again…probably frustrating enough that you might give up. Make it as easy as possible to get the customer from Browse to Buy.



Sharing Is Caring


Wish lists are the modern-day equivalent of leaving a magazine open for your husband to find just in time for your birthday, or to share with family and friends for weddings, celebrations and other special life moments. If you allow your customers to curate their very own public “All I want for [random holiday] is…” list they can easily share the link with those who are in need of gifting advice. This idea is not only perfect as a wedding registry alternative, but also an amazing way to ensure that your store is the primary gift provider and grow brand awareness!


Ensure that your wish list plugin has a private and public option so that your customers can choose what they want to be able to share. Red Ant, Shopify and My Wishlist on WordPress are good options to look into. Adding a “Pin it” button to product images will also enable your customers to integrate their social sharing with their window shopping, so they can curate mood boards for their followers (featuring your brand) and provide a powerful social endorsement.



Knowledge Is Power


Wish Lists provide excellent tools for your business to be able to see what your consumers are coveting, essential data to have when buying and replenishing stock. If there is an item that is pricey and constantly appearing on Wish Lists, you could might consider doing a promo on that specific piece or even A/B test two different prices.

If someone wants to create a Wish List, they will have to provide some contact details which as an excellent marketing bonus. You can use the data to follow-up with a reminder email or announce a sale, which means they’re not just another anonymous abandoned cart.



To Sum It Up


Wish Lists not only provide a better shopping experience for potential customers, but also provide you with essential product and customer data.