ShopVenture Blog - Success Story: Lookbook Store

Success Story: Lookbook Store

23 Nov 2016

Tell us the story of your business. How did you come up with the idea, and what makes your company unique?


Lookbook Store is founded by husband-and-wife tandem, Jayson Hu and Anco Wang, and caters to women aged 15 and above from several different countries.


At first, the couple was struggling to make ends meet. They decided to moved to Australia to find better career opportunities. Jayson found a full time job while Anco stayed at home to take care of their newborn baby. Wanting to help her husband, Anco started selling women’s clothes on eBay under the store name “HAW Fashion” which stood for “Hu and Wang Fashion". Over time, the business proved to be a lucrative one so Jayson decided to quit his job and jumped in the bandwagon to help his wife grow the small store.


Just like any start-up businesses, the company's early beginnings proved to be a challenging one for the young, inexperienced couple. In order to save on operational expenses, their small apartment doubled as their office and stock room.


The company then grew from a two-man team to a growing company with over 100 employees from across the globe, such as buyers from the US, stylists from Australia, and sales and marketing experts from Europe and Asia. The rich cultural diversity of its employees has allowed Lookbook Store to understand its market better, improving its services as well as expanding their product lines to cater to women with varying style tastes.


On May 20, 2013, the company launched its official website and has since received a high amount of traffic and orders.

Let’s talk about reviews. Did you have any initial reservations about asking your customers for reviews, and how do you feel about online reviews now?


When we first started selling online, we already knew that building a relationship of trust with our target market will be a challenge, especially now that people are more cautious than ever.


We did some research and found out how helpful online reviews can be. Trust indicators on our store are important and increasing the trust ratings can go a long way in growing our business. With online reviews, we we're able to know what our customers think about us. Each review, either good or bad, helped us improve. We were able to streamline our processes in order to provide better services and products to our customers worldwide.

What ShopVenture review feature do you like best and why?

So far, the best ShopVenture feature that we find so helpful were the Review Automation.  It absolutely is a time saver and we just love how easy and straight-forward the setup is.  Also, we just heard of implementing ShopVenture reviews on Facebook and that's really great since it will allow our customer to read and leave their reviews conveniently.

What are your top tips for other online store owners just starting out?

Create a wonderful experience for your customers. Make them feel special, by leaving them a note thanking them for their purchase. Make it easy to be contacted and make sure to provide high-quality service. That goes to your products as well.