ShopVenture Blog - Success Story: The Wyld Shop

Success Story: The Wyld Shop

02 Nov 2016

Tell us the story of your business. How did you come up with the idea, and what makes your company unique?


The WYLD story starts with a great opportunity that quickly turned into business. Upon moving to Singapore from Australia 6 years ago, I brought with me an awesome fashion eyewear brand that I hoped to introduce to the local marketplace. I had no prior knowledge of the people, retail scene or business culture here and literally began my WYLD adventure knocking on doors with suitcase in hand. Eventually, I caught a break, landed my first couple of customers and within the year, I had started a Fashion Agency representing Australian High-Street Fashion brands in Asia.


After operating solo as an agent, I soon discovered a gap in the local market for unique, quality high-street style, and tested the theory by throwing a party for Singapore’s fashionistas followed by a month-long pop-up store. The brands and apparels were well-received and we shifted the focus of WYLD directly to the customers. Thus, theWYLDshop was born!


We are unique because we are WYLD.  Our company motto is Live WYLD Live Free, be who YOU want to be. We believe comfort = confidence and we encourage our WYLDones to embrace their unique qualities and to never stop chasing their dreams. Being an omni-channel business, we are able to connect with our customers both online and offline. We operate primarily through, but also frequently throw WYLD Trunk Shows that bring the pretty things out to directly to the ladies in the comfort of their own home or selected venue allowing for a private shopping experience among girlfriends. Our showroom is also open via appointment only.



Let’s talk about reviews. Did you have any initial reservations about asking your customers for reviews, and how do you feel about online reviews now?


Not at all! I firmly subscribe to the belief that there is always room for improvement in everything that we do.  Authentic feedback, whether positive or negative, can only help you grow. It is always exciting to receive positive reviews from our WYLDones. It means a lot to us to know that our customers had a great shopping experience, and took the time to share their thoughts. The access to other customers’ reviews, especially the negative ones allow us to be more conscious of certain issues.



What ShopVenture review feature do you like best and why?


The Review Automation is brilliant as it allows us to provide prompt after sales services. Being an online retailer, it provides us with the tool to get insights into our customers’ shopping experience and act promptly on it. It is also an avenue for us to let customers know just how much we appreciate their support and their views.



What are your top tips for other online store owners just starting out?


Along the way, you might realise that there are many aspects to a business that you haven’t thought about so it is important to have a plan to keep you on track, even if it is a rough one, you can always amend. I would encourage people to research and read about e-commerce to make sure they understand what it entails. I would advise them to look and learn from their competition if they exist, set business goals and understand that you have strengths and weaknesses so don’t be afraid to ask questions or reach out to experts. Lastly, don’t let anyone tell you that your dreams are unachievable; believe in yourself, you can be your own worst enemy but it all starts and ends with you.