ShopVenture Blog - Post Sales to Your Shop Page

Post Sales to Your Shop Page

01 Jul 2016

This feature is part of the Elite Plan (the coolest plan for the coolest people).


Promote upcoming sales or make a special VIP sale for ShopVenture users. Your sales are advertised on our ShopVenture Sale Page and directly on your Shop Page.


Add your sale


1. Log into your Merchant Dashboard.


2. Click the Ad Manager tab on the left navigation bar.


3. Name your sale, ie: “Take 20% Off”, add a start and end date, and input the corresponding coupon code.

*Note: ShopVenture does not create the code for you. This must be created in your e-commerce platform.


4. Upload a square image.

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*Note: A grey overlay and white text will be placed on your image when posted. See example below.


5. Click the “Submit” button. Your sale will be automatically posted on the ShopVenture Sale Page and your Shop Page on the start date and removed on the end date. Each shop may only have one Sale running at any given time. 


Questions? Contact your friendly SV Support Team.