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Curate Your Facebook Reviews

01 Jul 2016

This feature is part of the Elite Plan (the coolest plan for the coolest people).


Put your best foot forward with ShopVenture Review Tab Curation. Choose the reviews you want to show your customers on your Facebook page.


Curate your reviews


1. Log into your Merchant Dashboard.


2. Click the Respond to Reviews tab on the left navigation bar.


3. Pin the reviews that you want to be show. This will affect the Facebook Reviews Tab and the On-site Reviews Tab.

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4. Go to the Reviews Tab section to install on your Facebook page.


5. Under Facebook Reviews Tab, click the “Add Reviews Tab” button.


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6. When the Facebook pop-up opens, click the dropdown and choose your shop’s Facebook page and click “Add Page Tab”.

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7. Go check out your Facebook page!


*Note: Curating your Facebook Reviews Tab will not alter the reviews shown on your ShopVenture Shop Page.


Questions? Contact your friendly SV Support Team.