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Customize Your Shop Page

01 Jul 2016

This feature is free for all merchants (and always will be).


ShopVenture is the first platform for consumers to review, share and discover the best of online shopping.


We do this through an engaged and active community of online shoppers, combined with a software platform that helps online retailers build and manage your review portfolio on your ShopVenture Shop Page, your own website and your Facebook page.



Create and Claim Your Shop Page


1. If you have already claimed your shop page, great! Log into your Merchant Dashboard. If not, click here to add and claim your store. This will take about 2 minutes.


2. Follow the sign-up steps, confirm your email, choose your Plan, and you’ll then be directed to your Shop Page.


3. Click “Manage My Shop” in the header, and you’ll be directed to your Merchant Dashboard.



Edit Your Shop Page


1. Click on the Edit Page tab on the left navigation bar.


2. Add your shop images. Your Main Image will be the first header image on your Shop Page. You can add up to 4 additional Shop Images, which will carousel after your Main Image. Your Shop Logo will be your profile picture that will show when you respond to your customer reviews.


3. Update your Shop Information by adding a description of your store, return/exchange policy, category, products and shop/shipping location.


4. Add your Social Links so customers can click directly to your other pages.



Questions? Contact your friendly SV Support Team.