ShopVenture Blog - How to Nail the Art of the Newsletter

How to Nail the Art of the Newsletter

25 Jun 2017

Hands up if you subscribe to a newsletter or two? Can you remember what compelled you to open the last one, or even better, to forward it to a friend? The email newsletter is an amazingly simple yet important way to build your brand’s reputation, a loyal customer base, and increase sales all at once.


Here are some top tips for making sure that your shop’s newsletter is one your customers can’t wait to drop in their inbox each week.



The Subject Line


What is the one thing that engages you enough to open an email in your already cluttered inbox? The Subject Line is a crucial part to your open rate, which of course effects your click and conversion rates.


  1. Make Subject Lines tailored and personal. Your subject line should speak to your target audience and let your brand shine through. For example, if you know you have an email list full of music lovers, then incorporate some well-known lyrics into your subject.

  2. Let readers know what they’re getting. Subject lines should be attention-grabbing but not obvious click-bait, your customers are smarter than that! If your subject line is “5 Simple Steps to Pack for a Stress-Free Holiday”, then you better be giving them those five simple steps!

  3. Keep is short. Most email headers are limited to about 85 characters on screen, so check your count before you craft the rest of the email, as you don’t want to have to change the whole theme after realizing that your perfect subject line is too long.



The Topic


Quality is better than quantity when it comes to a newsletter. Most of us read personal emails on our phones now (or scroll through them quickly in the office while pretending not to!). So make the most of the few precious seconds of inbox face-time that you get.


Use your email newsletters to highlight something new, exciting or time sensitive.


  1. Articles and information. Editorial content builds an emotional connection with your community and lets people understand the heart and mission of your company. It also shows that you’re the expert in your space and builds even more trust in your brand, and in turn what you’re selling.

  2. Giveaways and sales. If your company is running an amazing giveaway, promoting a special discount or hosting a competition for your community, your email newsletter is the place to announce it. You’ll already be targeting users of your brand who are interested in what you’ve got to offer, and there’s no better motivation than a ticking clock with time-sensitive promotions.

  3. Curated news. Segmenting your list is a smart way to target certain customers who you know will be more interested in what you’re promoting. Start tracking who looked at a certain item or abandoned a cart, and send a quick email to remind them that they can’t live without this product. ShopVenture review emails go out to specific customers and ask for reviews of the exact product that they purchased, so they know that you’re only sending them relevant and personalized emails.



The Testing


So you’ve come up with the best Subject Line ever, right? But how do you know for sure? A/B test your subject lines, content and send times to get the best click and conversion rates for your newsletters.


Using Mailchimp, Constant Contact and other email marketing platforms, you can choose a percentage of your audience, e.g. 20%, and decide on two different subject lines to test. It will vary depending on the software you use, but you can limit the time delay from 30 minutes to a few hours and view the data to see which subject line performed better across a number of different metrics. Your mailing list software will then automatically email out the better testing subject line to the remainder of your audience (the final 80%), providing you with a better return on your monetary and time investments for engagement and follow-through.



To Sum It Up


Keep in-email copy short and sweet and check how many characters your header and sub-head can take, especially on mobile! Make your email newsletter an extension of your brand’s voice, including color scheme and graphics. Test your email marketing to ensure that you’re getting the best return metrics, and you’ll start to see open, click and those coveted conversion rates keep on rising!