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How To: Get Influencers

01 Jul 2016

We've all experienced the power of Influencers. Scrolling through Instagram, you’re confronted with your favorite blogger, decked out in the perfect summer dress, and you had to have it. You tap the screen and select the tagged brand, and down the rabbit hole you go, on a social media-marketing journey guided by the power of influence.

The Influencer? From celebrities, models, brand ambassadors, and just plain regular people turned photo bloggers… the 21st century word-of-mouth marketing phenomenon.

Brands such as Frank BodyTriangl and Moana Swimwear have seen incredible success from their use of influencers in brand identity. Whether it be cheeky hash-tags and a themed photo (#letsbefrank), or a major callout from a celebrity... cough, Kendall Jenner… an influencer could be the door to 1 million followers, and countless sales generating a whole lotta’ pennies for you and your brand.

So here’s our simple guide to selecting and securing the right influencers for your brand.

Play Matchmaker

Ask yourself, where does your brand sit in the current e-commerce market? And who is suited to your product? Think about the key elements of your brand identity, and make a clear list of your values! 

Instagram’s predictive system helps with this targeting by tailoring posts suited to your ‘likes’ and followers. Explore these accounts first and see if any resonate with your brand identity.

For the lazier types (no judgment here) try websites like Whalar. They will set you up with dedicated Influencers in a safe marketplace environment.

Make Contact

Time to reach out and make an offer! Be earnest and real… show them what exposure they can get from working with you! Bloggers and influencers get many requests per day, and you want to be the one that makes their heart sing, “yes I’ll wear/use that, and post about it, hell yeah!”


Staying connected with influencers and creating friendships will help make the partnership feel natural and authentic. You want your influencer to love your product and continue using/sharing their experience with it. Don’t drop the momentum after that one desired post.

Cover All Bases

If you want to pull out all stops why not create a competition that requires users to market your brand to be in the running? A simple campaign involving an image with your product and a themed hash-tag could result in a surge of followers and views.

These types of competitions can connect you with Influencers directly or indirectly. And provide your company with a ton of branded images, perfect for the re-posting game. Who knows… maybe the next big influencer will be that random girl covered in coffee scrub you reposted and tagged?

To Sum It Up

Make a pitch they can’t ignore. Throw in some site stats and seduce them to work with you. Oh and it kind of helps when you have an awesome product, and cool brand… so if you’re not there yet maybe focus on the basics first. In the end though, you can’t ignore the power of influence.