ShopVenture Blog - How to Deal with Delivery Delays and Complaints

How to Deal with Delivery Delays and Complaints

11 Mar 2017

As a customer, nothing is worse than receiving a package later than expected. The e-commerce shopper is now used to the convenience of doorstep delivery, and even if you have your delivery timing down to a science, sometimes the delivery gods don’t always work in your favor. When that happens, which it inevitably will, the key is to stay cool, calm and collected, and always keep the customer in mind.

Inform The Customer ASAP


Whether your team personally packages and sends your goods or you trust a third-party provider to do so, you should always have a way of tracking the parcel. The moment you discover that the parcel has been delayed at the depot or encountered another unforeseen issue (weather or traffic), you absolutely must inform your customer. Have an apologetic and conciliatory email or text at the ready for these occasions so that they can make contingency plans should the parcel not arrive. Pre-empting the delay rather than hoping for the best is key.

Offer A Refund


Even though the delivery delay is likely not the company’s fault, it is equally not the customer’s. If they have paid a delivery charge (even if it’s for standard delivery) the company should offer to refund it as a gesture of good will. Psychologically, your customer will feel less irritated and the company’s professional reputation will be intact.

Respond with Empathy


Some customers may be so frustrated by the experience that they feel inclined to take to social media to vent their views or write a bad review on ShopVenture. Don’t worry – your response to a bad review can actually go a long way in giving potential customers assurance in your brand, and getting back a dissatisfied customer. AND, if you handle it well from the start, you’re more likely to receive a positive review outlining how attentive you were to the delay and boosting your company’s reputation.

To Sum It Up


You can use a delivery delay to create a silver lining if you handle your customer communication with care. Always have a way of tracking your parcels (most third-party providers should automatically inform you of any issues), pre-empt your customers compensation requests and go the extra mile when apologising to assure them that you are a professional company that truly values their business.