ShopVenture Blog - How to Create a Bomb Brand Guide

How to Create a Bomb Brand Guide

17 Jul 2016

If you want your retail store to have its own easily recognizable brand identity (and trust us, you do), it’s time to create some brand guidelines. These are meant to, well, guide you as you put out content for your brand.

Here are five key points to focus on when creating your Brand Guide.


Your Color Scheme…Yes This Isn’t Just A Wedding Thing

Every famous brand has a color or two that loyal customers instantly notice, and you need to specify these hues in your brand guide so that your website, social media pages and advertisements all heavily feature them. After all, who doesn’t know the iconic pink Victoria Secret stripes, Tiffany blue or CocaCola red?



Your logo needs to look on point at all times. Imagine going online and seeing the Apple logo, but without the bite taken out of it. Suddenly you’re wondering what products this brand is peddling with its uneaten apple, because it’s certainly not the MacBook you wanted to buy. 

Outline the appropriate colors, styling and usage for your logo. Can it have a shadow, inverted colors, always include your company name?


This Is The Voice

You may not realize how much writing is involved with an e-commerce brand. Between product descriptions, blog articles, social posts and press releases, you need to ensure that all the words on the page (no matter what page) represent your brand. It can be confusing to your customers to receive a super formal email and then clicks on your blog post to see that you’re full of jokes!

Make sure your guidelines touch upon the general writing tone (funny, friendly, serious, professional, etc.), down to preferences for spelling, abbreviations and slang.


Don’t F Around With Font

Yeah, it sounds picky, but font is something your audience notices right away. The Twitter logo’s rounded, bubbly font is different from Vimeo’s cursive letters, and your font hopefully looks different from other retail shops. Try to stick to just a few fonts and keep web and email compatibility in mind.


To Sum It Up

When it comes to your brand, consistency is key, and never forget who your target audience is while you go through these steps. Now get creative and go forth and brand!