ShopVenture Blog - How To: Package Your Products - The Devil Is In The Detail

How To: Package Your Products - The Devil Is In The Detail

08 Jun 2016

Remember being a kid on Christmas morning and how exciting it was to see all the brightly wrapped packages? That's the exact feeling your customers should get every time they open a delivery from you!

The delivery of your product is a significant opportunity to communicate a brand experience and add value to the items you produce. What do you want your delivery to say to your one-off customer, or perhaps your loyal brand devotee?


The Fold

Never underestimate the importance of the individual presentation of your product. If you’re selling clothing, the way you fold the garment will affect how it appears when it’s unwrapped. Creases and harsh folds can give a nasty first impression. Take the time to ensure that strict folding guidelines are adhered to for all types of garments so the product looks its best on arrival.


Wrap It up

From tissue paper to custom packaging, this is the icing on your scrumptious cake. With so many options to choose from, you can certainly make a statement with the right wrap. Consider the environment and stick to biodegradable options, and evaluate how much you’re willing to spend per outbound delivery.  We suggest using premium block colored tissue paper and including branded tape, ribbon or stickers, for a cost effective ‘cherry on top’.


Make It Personal

You need to provide the customer with a receipt of their purchase, care instructions for their item and return instructions… but who knows if they’ll pay any mind to these items on delivery. Give your customer a reason to pause before ripping open the present. We suggest taking the time to thank the customer personally for their purchase (handwritten notes), and including a small gift/sample as a welcome surprise. Think a small sewing kit, or a pouch of candy. It’s the thought that counts right?


Box It/Bag It

Whether you’re using cardboard or plastic, consider thinking outside the box on this one. This is the first thing your customer will see. You want it to be memorable, but why not make it reusable? If you’re into cardboard, why not customize a design that doubles as storage long after its arrival? Or if you have selected to bag it up, consider creating reusable cloth/canvas bags that have hidden handles which can be kept and collected for continued use.


To Sum It Up

The public sharing of an online purchase via social media and word-of-mouth is an unlimited marketing resource. Why pay for a national campaign when you could spend a little extra effort dressing up a sale you’ve already made?

With so many competitors in the e-commerce marketplace, it’s more important than ever to go the extra mile to ensure you will receive return customers, and even better reviews.

If you do it right, you have the potential to not only delight your customer, but also impress them to the point they share your brand experience with others. After all, we really know how powerful this sharing thing can be at ShopVenture.