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The Staples to E-Commerce Success

19 Jul 2016

Retaining customers is a constant battle for all types of businesses, but this can be even more difficult with the amount of competition in e-commerce.

There are probably a million things that you could try, but we've narrowed this down to four key methods that are simple, straightforward and doable for a small team.


1. Simplify Shopping on Your Site

You might sell a product that shoppers can buy anywhere online, BUT if their shopping experience at your store is the best, they’ll have no reason to go elsewhere. This means you need to allow shoppers to get the products that they want quickly and easily. Studies have shown that people are willing to pay more for a simple check out process and fast delivery.

  • Start with a great design that makes it easy for customers to search and discover the products that they want.
  • Make the checkout process stress free. Integrations that save billing and shipping information help to automate a customers' checkout.
  • Be clear with shipping costs and delivery times, and provide automated emails when an item is confirmed and out for delivery.
  • If you have the bandwidth, offer live customer support like an online chat, or at least a phone number that they can call if they have any issues.

2. Reward Customer Loyalty

Customers that shop 2.5+ times with you are customers for life, so rewarding customer loyalty will come back around, and end up right in your bank account. 

  • Create a customer loyalty program or reward system where shoppers get points for every purchase and a discount or free product after a certain amount.
  • Publicly reward your most loyal customers on social media to not only make them feel great, but also motivate others to buy more from you as well.
  • Create a VIP list of your most loyal customers and reward them with extra coupon codes and freebies as much as you can. 

Regardless of the reward, you’ll stick out in the minds of your repeat customers when they’re thinking about where to shop.


3. Let Shoppers Know Why You're Different

Your store isn’t like all the rest (it's way more awesome of course!), but shoppers don’t always know this the minute they land on your website. There's nothing wrong with bragging a bit about why you're so great. Whether it be the story of why you got started, something special about how your products are sourced, or the fact that you offer free shipping, put this information out there, front and center.


4. Use Online Reviews to Your Advantage

You can learn a lot from your online reviews, so encourage your customers to write them! Reading the reviews about your store on sites like ShopVenture is one of the best ways to find out what customers think you’re doing right, and what you should focus on improving.

Reviews also provide a great platform to interact with your customers publicly. Regardless of a review is negative or positive, it gives you a great opportunity to show customers that they're important to you. Showing that you're present and take time to offer customer support will truly engage your consumers and build trust in potential shoppers.


To Sum it Up

While running an e-commerce business can seem daunting, it's all about prioritizing and keeping it simple. Start with a few methods and expand upon the ones that work for you. Your customers (and your millions of future customers) will thank you for it.