ShopVenture Blog - ShopVenture’s Guide to #WINNING Black Friday

ShopVenture’s Guide to #WINNING Black Friday

By ShopVenture
16 Nov 2016

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and while we love a delicious turkey dinner (reminder: buy stretchy leggings), we secretly can’t wait for the day to be over. You see, here at the ShopVenture office, Thanksgiving Day is our version of Christmas Eve to a glorious day called BLACK FRIDAY.

Black Friday has long been a tradition of major sales, huge lines and in recent years, even stampedes! This year, rather than standing in a line outside your local Macy’s or fighting with your neighbour for the last iPhone7, we’re going to enjoy racking up discounts from the comfort of our very own homes. Using these 6 tricks, you’ll be the ninja of the online shopping world you only wish you could be IRL!

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1. Prepare. 
Ok, so Black Friday is a week away, no need to worry about anything yet, right? Wrong. These coming days are crucial to the overall success of the mission. First things first - sign up to newsletters, AKA ‘those annoying emails that plague your inbox each day at 11am’. Just as you are prepping to buy, your favourite stores are preparing to sell, and will start to leak secrets to their ‘loyal’ customers through their newsletters. Get in on that, and unlike that boyfriend from high school, they won’t hold it against you when you ghost them in December.

*Great Add On: In case you are not feeling the good ol' pen and paper, you can try Google Keep. Make an audio list, add images and links, highlight text and draw. Google saves the day yet again. 

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2. Update.
 It seems a bit ridiculous, but seriously, do it. Tech is moving faster than ever and having more and more of an effect on the way our computers react to the Internet. Avoid slow load times and glitches at checkout with a quick OS update the night before the big day.

*BONUS HINT: Use your own computer and be sure to save your credit card information into your keychain in order to reduce check out times. Find out more about this Apple feature here. You’re welcome.

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3. Research. 
If you aren’t already a list person, get ready to become one! The best game plan on Black Friday is to have one. Don’t worry; we’ll talk you through it. Make two lists: The first will be of products you NEED and will definitely be buying, along with their corresponding store URL. These will be your first mouse clicks in the morning. Secondly, make a list of stores you like and might buy from, if the price is right of course!

*ShopVenture’s suggestion: This website is our sneaky way of finding what products you need and where on the web they will be the cheapest!

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4. Coupons.
 Are you the person who rolls into a check-out with a wallet filled with coupons, holding up the line behind you? Don’t worry! We’ve got a sweet treat for you today! TheHoney App (working on Google Chrome desktop) will AUTOMATICALLY add coupons to your check out cart to make sure you’re getting every discount available. The best part? You won’t be a lead (annoying) character in anyone’s Black Friday story except your own. 

*Great Find: Check out the Sale Page for a list of local sales vetted by the ShopVenture team. 


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5. Compare.
 Let the adrenaline fuel you but not blind you. Almost every store on the planet will be having a deal, so be sure you’re getting the best price. And no, we aren’t suggesting you scour the Internet comparing price…ain’t nobody got time for that! This year, we suggest using ShopBot, a platform that allows you to quickly search the same product in other stores and show you the competitors’ prices. Nifty, huh? We think so.

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6. Budget.
 Our last piece of advice is more of a PSA. “Ladies and gentlemen of the online shopping community, we get it. We’ve all seen the bright lights of the sale page and made a purchase so quickly that our brains didn’t even have time to form the memory. Do yourself a favor and create a budget before diving fingers-first into the virtual world of Black Friday.” (This has been sponsored and paid for by the parents-who-don’t-want-to-bail-you-out-of-credit-card-debt...again).