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Get your Foodie Fix with Try the World

By Mia Ohlin
20 Jul 2016

There’s only one thing we love as much as fashion…food!


If you treat your pantry or fridge like you do your wardrobe, you are forever in search for the latest and greatest products.


Recently we discussed The Virtual Stylist, AKA fashion subscription services. The reason this style of online shopping is so popular? The delivery, the mystery, the “I didn’t know I needed that, but now I can’t imagine my life without it!” moment, and because it’s so damn easy!


Take this concept from your wardrobe to your kitchen, and you’ve got Try The World.


Try The World? Yep, you heard us. We all can’t travel the around the world, but we can taste it, from the comfort of our own homes.


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When you subscribe to Try The World, every one to two months, “the world” (a box of carefully curated gourmet products) is delivered to your door.


Like your fashion stylist selects outfit options, expert chefs select the gourmet products of their region for you to sample/devour. These authentic products from are all from artisanal producers - think recipes passed down from generations, made on the same farm, grown from the same soil...


So how is this more cost effective and simple than picking a basket of international food at your local market?


At Try The World, you can select how often you make payments for the subscription (tip: pay once a year and you can save up to 15%), and you can select the size of your foodie fix.


Just as you’ve probably discovered your new favorite skirt in your fashion subscription, you may find a favorite flavored goodie from around the world that you need as a staple in your kitchen. You can purchase these individually on the Try The World website, which stocks all of the products you can find in each box.


Go get yourself some “get-in-my-belly” deliciousness, starting with the Brazil Box in honor of the Summer Olympics. The only thing better than being in Rio for the Olympics is sitting on your couch eating Brazil Nut Cookies and watching Nathan Adrian in a speedo.


The cookies are delish…he’s delish…but we digress.