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What We’re Buying This Concert Season

By Sophie Zucker
20 Jun 2016

It’s summer, and you’re looking for something fun to do to distract from the fact that you no longer have a summer break, like you once did in college. Results? You’re already halfway to spending your entire salary on tickets to Burning Man, Warped Tour, and Lollapalooza. Slow down, kids. Be fiscally conservative! But also…save some of that money for your new wardrobe. You’re not going dressed like that, are you? In your summer-casual, work-chic clothes? We didn’t think so. Here are a few staples to help get you through this musical period in your life.

An Outdoorsy Tote - A Ruby 

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Stripe Weekend Bag ($75)

Look, you’re not fooling anyone at the concert with your fishtail braids, sandals, head bobbing and your willingness to sit on the ground. You clearly spend most of your days in an office.  But we get it! These outdoor festivals (drugs?) make you wanna release your inner nature gal. There’s an easy way to do it…get a tote that screams, ‘I’m down to earth!’ A straw tote is perfect for such a purpose. Plus, we know you got nervous about the impulsive nature of these concerts and over-packed, correct?

Boyfriend Hat - A Ruby

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Boyfriend Hat ($60)

Boyfriend jeans? Soooooo last year. Jeans are not the only pair of clothing that can be boyfriend-ified. Now we have the boyfriend hat! A hat that looks like it belongs to your soulmate/lover/foot massager. It’s in a man’s style, but it’s meant for a woman’s head.

A Versatile Bodysuit - Tuxe Bodywear

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Newbie Bodysuit ($70) 

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Who says you can’t wear a body suit every day of your goddamn life? You can wear them under anything and they just slip right on! No underwear, no bra, no problems! And you know that drunk girl at the Carly Rae Jepsen concert will inevitable come up to you complimenting your “shirt.” Now, you get to respond, “Oh-my-gosh thanks! It’s actually a bodysuit!” What’s more satisfying than that?

A Slip Dress - Kinobi 

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Penny Sage Slip Dress ($330)

Nothing makes you feel more yung, wild n free than a dress that is actually merely a slip! Of course, a literal “slip” is pretty revealing and while we’re all for #freethenipple, we also know you don’t wanna be the top vine from this year’s Lollapalooza. Leave that to the girls who make out with trees.


You’re all set for your summer season of concerts. Or at least, your fashion is. You may still have to listen to Drake’s album and maybe a Chance song or two? But we can’t help you there. This is a fashion blog.

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