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What About Dad?

By Juniper Posadas
14 Jun 2015

What about Dad? A Father’s Day special!

Every year we arrive at the same dilemma - what to give our Dads/Husbands on Father’s Day. Mothers are usually happy with a bouquet of red roses, which is pretty standard. But for Fathers you’ve got to somehow be creative and thoughtful….a tough nut to crack!

To help you in this quest, we’ve chosen our favorite online shops for menswear and come up with some suggestions on what to give that special man in our lives!


Shopventure etsy review

Most of our Dads are probably using a worn-out wallet, so why not buy him a new one? Money clips is also rising in popularity with their ease in stashing your cash as well as credit cards. Etsy has a whole range of wallets and money clips available from a number of different designers. You can even add a personalized touch by including their initials too!

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Controlled Commodity    

Shopventure controlled commodity review

The mens shirts sold in this store are perfect for the dads/husbands committed to a casual and relaxed look with a unique flair. These basic shirts come in cool designs and bright colors. You can go for a matching look by snagging a few items from the Women’s collection too! 

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East Dane

Shopventure east dane review

A shopping site exclusively centered around designer menwear and up-and-coming labels, East Dane offers a wide range of clothes and accessories. From more conventional jeans and T-shirts to unique designs in swimwear, sweaters and sweatshirts. East Dane also features a Style Guide to give you ideas on how to mix and match your purchases.

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Shopventure homage review

Sport shirts on dads and husbands are too cute on a lazy weekend at home. This store offers different sports attire – from basketball, hockey, football, boxing, wrestling, designed to pay homage to your favorite sporting team and sport personality. If the man in your life is a sports fanatic, this is a the store for your Father’s Day purchase! 

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Shopventure menslook reviews

Menlook provides a wide selection of mens clothing, but what we love the most is their ‘Gifts’ tab. This sections saves you countless hours scrolling through items, as it categorizes by brand, budget and type of item (i.e. sunglasses, watches, small leather goods, etc.). You can even choose to give gift vouchers or gift boxes if you’re feeling a little on the lazy side. ;-) 

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