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Wedding Series Part Three: Guest Outfit Guide

By Phoebe Waller
19 May 2016

It’s officially wedding season people! You probably have so many invites you’re beginning to feel like Kendall Jenner during New York Fashion Week. Yet, despite the excessive mail, we’ve yet to meet anyone who doesn’t like weddings! I mean what’s not to like? You get to eat and drink for free all day, while looking super stylish...unless you’re an unfortunately dressed bridesmaid that is...

The one thing you might be concerned about...aside from what to gift the bride and groom who have what to wear. You might have a couple of things in your closet that could work! But knowing life you’ve either lost (pleaaase) or gained (NOOOOO) weight, you’ve worn them to death, or they might’ve been so on trend in 2015 that you cringe whenever you see them now. 

So pause! Before you start filling up that virtual basket, here are a few things to consider before choosing the perfect wedding guest outfit.


1. Don’t Wear The Same Shade As The Bride

Yes this sounds basic…but trust us there’s always one! The type of wedding celebration will dictate what the bride is going to wear. For example, if the wedding is a traditional, Western one, she’ll likely be wearing white. If it’s a traditional Chinese wedding the bride could wear white and/or red! Or if the couple is going for contemporary style, she might just go balls to the wall and wear pink. We’re looking at you Jessica Biel.

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Image Source: Reformation

2. Stick To The Theme

Your invitation will give you a lot of hints about what kind of wedding theme the couple has chosen. In fact, if there’s a super specific theme, the bride and groom will have likely spelled it right out for you. A theme could be anything from black tie, vintage, or even an underwater circus! So pay attention and pick an outfit that shows you actually read the invite…and didn’t just skip to the RSVP thinking, “Free drinks!” 

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Image Source: MissGuided

3. Being Overdressed Is Better Than Being Underdressed

Better to turn up to a wedding looking chic AF, rather than appearing to have dressed in the dark, right? If there isn’t a clear theme and the invite gives little away, go on the smart-side of smart casual.


4. Don’t Wear Something Too Outrageous

Formal is good, but keep it simple! Put the neon colors away, the excessively oversized headwear (you’re not royalty), and no clashing prints. It’s the bride’s big day, not yours, so try to resist taking the spotlight from her. Yes, we know it’s hard, but stealing a gal’s thunder on her wedding day is so uncool.

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Image Source: MissGuided

5. There’s Probably A Very Good Reason For That Strict Dress Code

If the bride and groom tell you to wear rain boots, trust them! They know what’s in store for their guests and they don’t want you to be left dressed inappropriately. We've even heard of wedding guests being asked to wear hard hats for a wedding in a cave, which on the plus side, would save you having to put tons of effort into your hair! No matter what special garments the happy couple asks you to sport, just comply, it’s 100% for your own good!


6. Wear Something Equal Parts Gorgeous & Comfortable

There’s no escaping the fact that most weddings are LONG. Depending on what kind of wedding you’re attending, you’ll likely need to sit through a ceremony, pose for photos, and finally make it to the after-party...sorry “reception”. So when choosing a dress think of how you’ll feel wearing it after a few glasses of champagne and a growing food baby. Doesn’t look so great now does it?

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Image Source: Reformation

7. Don’t Forget About Your Shoes

Don’t leave your shoes to the last minute. The old faithful heels might clash horrendously with your dress and you’ll be forced to buy a new pair. You might be thinking, ugh what? I HAVE to buy a new pair of shoes?! Yeah yeah, we get it. But trust us when we say there’s nothing worse than trying to enjoy yourself in a pair of unworn, painful heels. So make time to break in your shoes before the big day!

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Image Source: Nasty Gal

Stick to these tips and you’re sure to score the perfect outfit…or maybe two, three? No judgment…unless you forget to review your purchase with ShopVenture, then sh*t is going down.

Header Image Source: MissGuided